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Brewed in the Turks and Caicos Islands
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A Turks and Caicos staple for any hot, sunny day. The quintessential refreshing beach beer, with a delicate flavour and smooth finish.

Like many of the great story tellers before them, our local fishermen might not let a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good story, especially while sitting around the bar with friends after a long day sea.

"I-AIN-GA-LIE that fish was as big as me"

4.8% ABV 355ml


GON-TA-NORT Amber ale

Full-bodied and full of flavour, the nose reveals caramel & fruit aromas while the body has balanced fruity and bitter hop notes

North Caicos has been affectionally known by Turks Islanders as "The Garden", thanks to its fertile farm lands. Local sailors would make the trip between islands trading their catch for fruits and vegetables before receiving regular supplies from the mainland.

"I'm GON-TA-NORT for some fresh crab"

6% ABV 355ml



A popular addition to our rotation, this India Pale Ale contains the fruity aromas of papaya, along with a delightful bitterness that tickles the taste buds.  A hop lovers delight!

Directions are pretty simple when you live amongst the small islands that make up the Turks and Caicos. Whether at sea, on foot or by car you're rarely far from friends, but sometimes it takes a while to meet them when you're on island time.

"I'm just down DOWN-DA-ROAD see you in twenty"

6% ABV 355ml


I-SOON-REACH Light lager

This light on the calories version of our lager is popular, refreshing and delicious!

Island time is taken pretty seriously here in the Turks and Caicos. While the rest of the world rushes from one thing to another we have learned the value of taking the scenic route. It often takes a bit longer but that's usually just the start of a good story. So next time someone tells you they "Soon Reach", they could be right around the corner or just setting sail from salt cay en route to Grand Turk. Be prepared for a tale when they finally get there

Q. "Buddy, where are you?"

A . “I just down the road, I-SOON-REACH"

4.2% ABV 355ml



Turks Head Blank Design high res -05.png


Coming Soon...

Navigating the shallow sand banks by sailboat was a familiar commute for many past generations of the Turks and Caicos Islands. South Caicos was, and still is, a favouite stop for local fisherman hoping to bing their latest haul to market

"We GON-TA-SOUT early this morning"


6% ABV 355ml



Coming Soon...

Before modern banking, credit had to be earned within the community. TA-RECT-LEY was a local guarantee of future payment when trading goods within the islands. With origins from "Directly" the phrase reassured that payment would be made as soon as possible (but not necessarily soon) and was especially popular in local bars around closing time

"Come on, you know me, one more round and I'll pay TA-RECT-LEY"

6% ABV 355ml